Work Hard (video album)

by Caleb J. Murphy



A video album, dropping one video at a time:


released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Caleb J. Murphy Pennsylvania

Songwriter and family man.


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Track Name: Work Hard
If time were in my power,
I would use it all up for you
Ask light of every hour
for your sake
If earth were on my course,
I would make it spin back around
Your hurt would be reversed
Be done!

I could work till my bones
Crumble down, crumble down to dust
So I could not hold you close
I could strain my sight
till my eyes lost their light and life
So I could not see your face

I could work hard
work hard for you but
It's no good, no good without love
Work hard, work hard for you but
It is no good alone
Track Name: Everybody Breaks
Everything is good, I’ll tell you,
everything is fine
and the world was made to groove
it was made to smile
That’s what I was told when I
showed up in this place
but now it grows old
my mind is changed

I know you’re tired, child
I see the wildfire
and I know you want to be free, hear me now
If you are hurting
carrying a burden
well it is certain it’s mine as well
the burden is mine as well

Everybody breaks
everybody breaks
everybody crumbles down, that is why
nobody can live
nobody can live
nobody can live alone

When I was a boy I thought I’d
stay a boy for good
but now I have come to know
I have understood
that age not make a man but only
what that age has seen
and he must hold a hand
he must lean

Everybody breaks down
Nobody can live alone
Track Name: Danger
How will I walk if you hold my hand?
How will I run?
How will I see if you light my land?
How will I learn?

How will I believe if I always see?

The enemy crawls into my life
and knocks me round
if I just try to stand and fight
then all is sound

sweat is glorious, only for your love

Sun would not shine so bright
nor the water warm
love would not be so sweet
if we did not all have our demons
so bring the danger near

Gimme that danger
Gimme that sweat, Lord
Gimme that danger now
Track Name: Not Finished Yet
Now when you know that you are wrong
that’s when you know that you are real
that’s when you find that you’ll waste your time if
you sit and think of yesterday

I haven’t won, not yet
I will not lose, I won’t regret
though I fall, low I sway
stand up tall, still I say
I am not finished yet
I am not finished yet

So paradise is not too far
and this emptiness is something more
I say the soul goes and leaves you hollow
only to fill itself with gold
Track Name: Trek That Glory Road
toil under rain, under sun, under hail
go no more, no more, no more
how my soul weeps and is torn right in two
still i can say “all is well, all is well”

old men will fall and the young will grow strong
still you lead them all

God Almighty, with your strength behind me
I won’t fail, I won’t fall, I won’t give to the devil all
God Almighty, with your strength behind me
I’ll prevail, I will will love, I will trek that glory road

days lingering yet so short of a life
grace, so profound, undeserved, still be mine
Oh! Come on back and relieve these old bones
fill every crack of my skin with your love

golden the light that will shine on my face
Oh, please take me there
Track Name: Clean Hands (And An Aching Heart)
I grew up in the time they said,
“you can never get the filthy clean,
you can never get the guilty freed
from their binds”
Well, said my ear, “There’s a God I hear
and man are his pockets deep
and man are his feelings steep
for your heart”
and you know what else...

He takes all those stains
now I got...

Clean hands
clean hands and an aching heart
you know that I
will stand
I will stand in the house of God
because a King did take my fall
and gave me love
clean hands and all

When you came in the middle of the night
and you stole me from the other side
you told me then what I could find
in the light
Well you picked me up and you washed my hands
you said, “Boy, I got something to say
there’s a country where it’s always day
and the lies
they are thrown away

I got sweet glory rollin’ over me
got glory rollin’ over me
gonna roll like a river
gonna tumble and shiver
got that joy coming over me