Thank God They're Wrong

by Caleb J. Murphy



This compilation of songs is dedicated to Steven Scott Murphy (1960-2009).

To the dad who showed his kids how to endure with unshakable contentment.

Based off of Stephen Altrogge's book, "The Greener Grass Conspiracy."


released April 11, 2011


Written, produced, and engineered by Caleb Murphy in Western Pennsylvania.

Vocals engineered by John Behrens in Pittsburgh, Pa. Mixed/mastered by John Behrens.


Caleb Murphy
(vocals, guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, snare)
Brian Wolfe (trumpet)
Patrick McKinney (upright bass)
Joel Petit (drums)
Rebekah May (backing vocals)
Jalen Campbell (backing vocals, whistling)
Jonny Altrogge (backing vocals, whistling)



all rights reserved


Caleb J. Murphy Pennsylvania

Songwriter and family man.


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Track Name: Gold is a Killer
Where have all the happy people gone?
The ones under the steeple
The ones that have come from
Come from the dregs of, come from the dregs of the sea

We shouldn’t think of where we could be
But remember where we should be
Oh remember where we should be
Where did the joy go? Where did the joy go?

Potential is mystery
If only I could see behind his eyes
The television owns my soul
and gold is a killer of man
oh! But we’ve found the cure for this curse

And that’s why I’m fine with this life,
These lungs that I sing with
Oh! Living is sufficient
These days will do for me
Track Name: I'm Plenty Fine
Here’s to all of the bright days I’ve had
and here’s to all of the dark
If I happen to find fame with people
or if I happen to not
I’m plenty fine with You

They want to be superstars and
They think they’ll get pretty far, yeah
But that’s not where it is, no

I know how to be brought low to the ground
And I know how to abound
I should tell everybody I meet
Why I smile in distress
Because of You I’m fine

Remember that time when
superstars promised,
“if you’re like me then
you will be carefree”?
They don’t have it, no

I’m plenty fine with You
Track Name: Thank God They're Wrong
Get your old jalopy
let’s drive it to the mountains
Drive it to the canyon
Drive us to our knees

Let the earth surround us
Count up all the mind-blowing scenes
Fuse it to my brain that
I am not its king

We fight for rights we don’t deserve
We fight in fights that wound our sight

And the spoken word is ever true:
To what we hold, for that we live and die
This is where I choose to live for Thee
Oh for Thee, oh for Thee I live

When you take a good thing
And clutch it as a trophy
You are then a champion
Of insanity

We fight for rights we don’t deserve
We fight in fights that wound our sight

We could drive across the world
and see the same tricks and hear the same fiction
they claim greener grass is on the opposite side
and that’s just your life
Well thank God they are wrong
Thank God

We could drive across the world
and see the same tricks and hear the same fiction
Well thank God they are wrong
Thank God
Track Name: Son of Sin
Son of mine,
Where’s your honor?
You dead beat drunkard
Look me in the face

I read today
That you cursed me
so publicly
you turned your back on me

But I can see the truth
You are still my one son

This must be done
You must soldier on
You must have this record
And give yours away
So everyone finds their peace

Yet again
Girls are your toys
Forget chivalry
You’re juggling their hearts

Not to say
All your lying
And all your cheating
Your anger tops them all

Son of sin
I know you
You will save the world
Track Name: The End of Tears
This is the day I died, when the sky is fading away
This is the day that I have lived for all my life

I hope that I have been like the moon shining the sun
my light was not my own, my stars were just a gift

And oh!
Running hurts so we will fly to escape
and when we get back home we will see
the end of tears now

I smell the creep of Death but his smell is sweet to me
after these pilgrim years we will finally see the King

It's all come back around for the ground has found me twice
my eyes grow weaker still as I look for one last time