by Caleb J. Murphy

V1 How we grow! Not a one of us knows why There we go! Yet we never reach the sky Limbs extend and our bodies stretch beneath Reaching up for a thing we cannot see Arms and legs they will tangle if too close Roots connect underneath whatever shows CH Let me see The wonder of it all Let me feel My heartwood burst and call Let me breathe Till the air is all but gone Let me see The wonder of it all V2 Men will come just to cut down what we have Break our trunks and they'll take what they can grab Then we'll fall with a loud resounding crash Soon become all the dirt that gave us back Now we give to the ones grown after us So we live in a wondrous sort of way
V1 Well she two-steps into the room And everyone labels her a fool But I am gonna be there soon Well she’s got a presence about her That makes her seem over there and around you And I just want to be with her Yeah I just want to be with her CH She’s dancing on magic Dancing on you She's slipping on backwards Sliding on through she might be right She might be on to something She’s dancing on magic Dancing on you now V2 Well you better check your heartbeat To keep her smile and rhythm alive Cause I just want to move my feet Yeah I just want to move my feet
V1 Who put me on this rocket Blasting out to space Breaking through the atmosphere? Now see my chest exploding Like the fire below and I can’t take it anymore Cause... CH I don’t wanna go to space right now But I am quickly lifting off the ground V2 Where can I find a spacesuit? Cause I think mine is broken The oxygen is seeping out Earth slowly loses focus And the stars become just floaters Space Camp never was my thing And... OUT I am floating through the great unknown and I see it doesn’t matter which way’s home
V1 Pardon my dust I just got off the road Back from Avignon I’d brush it off But lord knows if I do We would cough it up Get in our lungs Then become one with us Mixing in our blood With every cut We would see we’re all made Of the same old stuff REFRAIN You grab my shoulders Pull me in closer Hear you say “Tu es pardonné” V2 Sorry I’m here I know I haven’t called For a half a year Sorry my note Did not show, truth be told I didn’t get around to it Each time I sat With a pen and a pad I would hear your voice Beckoning me So I thought why waste time With just the thought of you REFRAIN 2 You pour the water Love like a cauter Open your doorways Forgive like a Sunday Hear you say “Tu es pardonné” V3/out Pardon my dust I just got off the road Like a vagabond
V1 You were born, I gave you air When you die I’ll run you bare In between, I’ll be everything you need And everything that’s unfair PRE Gust and squall Move it all CH I’m the breeze that moves your hair I’m the wind that blew through battles When I dance without a care The greatest cities rattle Come on And sway with me V2 I make use of your dust Give it life, it’s only just Take it o’er the sea, drop it on the trees Filch and vest, I call it love
Not Gone 03:28
V1 I still remember the days Dinners and video games Basketball under the sun Back when the family was one You'd beg to go to my shop and we'd work with some wood Building the memories we didn't want but that stood CHORUS I'm not gone You just call You know I'll be there when you want I'm not gone V2 Create create oh create Boy, cause that's how I was made Keep me alive in your songs Symphonies drifting along If you don't know what to say then just ring out a chord I can show up anywhere if you've ears to afford
Even Stars 03:08
V1 Just the other day I met a little boy who said “Mister, you okay? Take your hands up off your face“ I looked him in the eye, told him they're holding me upright Sometimes it can feel like life goes at the speed of light Even stars burn out V2 I said “Boy, you gotta learn energy comes from the burn Healing only heals after one too many hurts And soon you’re gonna break, soon you’re gonna regret the day The day you showed up here, the day your light first appeared Even stars burn out" V3 He didn’t walk away, he stood and looked me up and down He said “Mister, you are wrong, you only see a star when it’s gone So you might as well uncover your face and breathe Focus on the now, don’t look for what you cannot see Even stars burn bright”
V1 The lonely boy and his fiction On the pages of his soul Only does what he’s fixin’ to He knows we he will know Living in two worlds at once Of a reader and the tale Nobody pays attention To the pen within his hand REFRAIN In a story all his own V2 As he writes upon pages How the pen begins to swirl Emulating his conscience The story does unfurl The look inside his eyes right then Any mother would be scared Taken over by fullness Yet the emptiness is there REFRAIN In a story all his own V3 Words start to come slowly And the story starts to fade Characters are not happy And the plot, a twisty haze Then he says “My God what have I done? I’ve lost the point! I am just a drunk architect Of a building built for coins REFRAIN 2 In a story all my own” OUT Then he closes the notebook And puts away the pen When he lifts up his head to look He knows this is end
Oh when you see the end Time takes you by the hand Says “no you’re not finished yet Soon what will be will be But you’ve got much more to see At least that’s how it will feel" How it will feel To be at the End of feeling


An ongoing project unfolding one song at a time (about every 4-6 weeks).

More about PHENOMENA here:


released February 25, 2020


all rights reserved



Caleb J. Murphy Texas

Songwriter and producer based in Austin, Tx.

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