Iron Sharpens Iron

by Caleb J. Murphy



Recorded in Caleb's bedroom and garage, these 6 songs became Caleb's first release. Such things as a trash can, pieces of wood, leg-slapping, and table-tapping were used to record these tracks. Some guitar and piano were used as well. The album title comes from Proverbs 27:17...


released September 20, 2009



all rights reserved


Caleb J. Murphy Pennsylvania

Songwriter and family man.


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Track Name: Our Only Wildcard
I was a leper in my own town
they threw me out on pocket change
so I learned to live on pocket change
Stripped of pride and I was stripped of family

I'm the free-ist slave you ever saw
Freer than the words on a foolish tongue

I met a man with a single eye
and a knack for singing songs
so we made a group, all of unclean sons
redemption became our only wildcard

I'm the free-ist slave you ever saw
Freer than the words on a foolish tongue

Then we met another man
He looked like a carpenter
He took away my boils, He took away my sores
I feel like I'm into something good

The outcasts are "in" now
Track Name: Northbound Trail
We made it out without a doubt
they can't catch us now
feel the blood in your wrists, oh
we're on a northbound trail

Now we're wanted; up for reward
"but we must trust the Lord
to be led" so momma says, oh

Those blood hounds are sniffing now
but we can't be found
run through the woods, follow the sky, oh
we're on a northbound trail

We made it through to the morning dew
now we must hide away
in a cave or a house, oh
we're on a northbound trail

Take me home, Feet, to jubilee
I believe I can be who I want to be
No leather whip nor no master
can hold me back from the place that I desire

Now I've arrived at my heaven in the north
and I've survived all the beat downs, blood, and rivers wide
Track Name: Davy Jones
"Captain, what's your answer?" demanded Silver
"I will be waiting with irons for your limbs
come one by one and we'll sail into the sun
I'll fly my colors, stand my brothers

But if you won't we'll meet in the locker of
Davy Jones, I'll stake my name on it

Next time we cross paths
there'll be a bullet in your back
flee double-time, I don't care about your leg or your crying

I'm certain that you can't find it
I'm certain that you can't drive ships
as sure as there's a heaven these are the last words you'll hear from me"
Track Name: I've Emptied My Sheath
Sure, you're a miner; you're underneath our feet
how did it happen that you're below me?
You might be a liar or you might be a creep
no one can say that I couldn't match your deeds

When did I become the judge?
when did I strike the gavel?
when did eyes become one with the truth?
they're the noose

You might have murdered which would make you a theif
let me inform you that I've emptied my sheath

We're all short of the canyon-jump

Sure you're an artist, so draw me a world
absent of judges and class in this life
Track Name: Not To Worry
I heard you missed your train car again
the one that takes you home
not to worry, the Good Lord gave
you feet and legs, my friend
Track Name: Everything Is In Its Rightful Place
I read the clock tower; numbers in roman
I bet that I am due for a mishap
My title does not go by its name
I want to step out of my old shell
Meet me at the corner where people stand and people stare

I won't fake my death again
You won't fall for it this time
I won't fake my death again
That's not in character

Help me now, I need a voice
not that I will use it
My fear bludgeons my concern
but when you love you make me come home
and when I don't it makes my skin crawl off

Don't be shocked if I don't call your name
Don't be shocked if I don't love the same
Don't be shocked if I ever find my will to stand
and if I ever muster anything,
everything is in its rightful place