Four Sons

by Caleb J. Murphy



released May 5, 2012

Written, produced, performed, and engineered by Caleb Murphy in Western Pennsylvania.

Mixed/mastered by John Behrens at The Sound Office in Nashville, Tn.

Cello performed by Emily Nelson and engineered by John Behrens at The Sound Office.

Photography: Beth Murphy
Design: David Altrogge

Honorary Assistant Producer: Mary Murphy

This album was financially supported by 34 generous backers.

Special thanks to Mark Altrogge, Chris Stimson, Drew & Sandy Kimmel, John & Kristy Scherf, and Mary Murphy.



all rights reserved


Caleb J. Murphy Pennsylvania

Songwriter and family man.


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Track Name: Be Like Friends
I know you, don't you know me?
Can we take it back to when we met?
I vote to revive
Can't you just be a friend? Oh, I want to be your friend

Even though you're a big shot
who could take me to the very top
I don't really care
You can hang with me, oh I just want to be your friend

Jealousy is like a mad man with a car
it can drive you to murder or the borderline
Life holds other things
Can't you just be a friend? Oh, we want to be your friends

You don't like success if it's not yours, if it's not yours
I know you might be seeking out my head
Can't we all be like friends?
Track Name: Four Sons
The first son grew up strong
with a humor that could shun and love just the same
he was driven to the cane but had a girl to his name
And the father, he was happy
and the father, he was glad
in a way

The second one married young
he couldn't have a drink on the day of his love
but he had a couple kids, they say he was the best
And the father, he was happy
and the father, he was glad
in a way

The third son didn't say much
he just stood to the side and watched it all go by
but he wrote it all down, hoping to show his kids
And the father, he was happy
and the father, he was glad
in a way

The last son grew up loved
he lived with his mom and his sister, the babe
he became the man of the house one day
And the father, he was happy
and the father, he was glad
in a way

These four sons will find their way
and these four sons will live today

And the father, he is happy
and the father, he is glad
because what he left still stands to this day
what he left still stands to this day
Track Name: Not That Far Gone
In the late-night street light there's a man
fighting gravity with his two hands
There's a woman on her portico
claiming she is all we'll ever need
They're not that far gone

And maybe they'll see a fallen sun
and maybe they'll stop throwing life a bone

I was lost in the farthest boundaries
with an army you came and found me

Your great love will pull me home
from the furthest graveyard stone
with my bit and bridle gone
I'm free now

I'm not perfect you know that so well
I'm a copyright catastrophe
If my hurt caused aging to quicken
you'd be old and gray right by my side
We're not that far gone

And it's safe to say we're a messy pair
and as it turns out we're gonna make it there
And it's safe to say we're a messy crowd
but as it turns out nobody's hopeless

And it's safe to say we're a messy crowd
but as it turns out nobody's hopeless
Track Name: Take Me Up
Living isn’t living
and dying isn’t dying
and arduous has become
the way that we get by

Take me up, Father
take me up, Father, now

Maybe I am crazy
or maybe I’m just strong
a backhand to the cheek is
a chance for me to sing

A valiant soldier under fire
is sure to earn the general’s praise
I may own the soldier’s name
but such an adjective I don’t
I’m missing that a lot

We will lack nothing,
we will lack nothing now
Track Name: Somebody Loves You
Don't fear somebody loves you
out there, somebody loves you now
so come on keep your laces tied
Don't fear somebody loves you
at least I will be by your side
even God Almighty has a place for you at home
Track Name: Trust In Your Brother
When you fall, you fall
You gotta trust in your brother
Or down, down, down, you will fall

When you lie, you lie
You have betrayed your good brother
And down, down, down, your spirits go

Does it feel like a steam engine rattling your bones?
I bet it feels like a hurricane taking away your home
But I would never know

I believe in love, in love
you gotta love your good brother
'cause love endures even traitors

I know I am a traitor, I know that much
I won't let it go 'till I am forgiven
Track Name: Burning Like Chicago
My iron fails to sharpen
my guards have all been shot
and I fully deplore myself
19 years should have been enough
19 years shoul have taught me well
you would think

I'm burning like Chicago
please put me out
my crimes could fill a prison
my Good could have no worse a posture

If you and I could follow
our second intuition
we could be like a rubix cube
turn and shift 'til colors meet
fully whole and made complete
only if, only if it were

If you have a face for me just call me up
and if there is a way to fix me, fix me up
Let the rainstorm be
let it rain on me
Track Name: Hollywood Was Grand
Soon you and I will see that this ain't no game
it's not a scene for us to direct
let's put our thirty-fives and our fancy lights
where they should go:
we can enjoy them but they're not the show

Hollywood, yeah, it was grand
and it was good in a lot of ways
but in the end you need a friend
to get you through to the heavenly place

What would you call your life?
Would you call it grand? Would you call it fantastic?
Well I am here to say that the quality of life doesn't determine your eternal state
Track Name: Fear Owns The Game
Fear owns the game
he delivers when it counts most
when everything is on the line

He’s nowhere to be found
when your soul is unchallenged
when there is no fight

But when the guns come out, when the guns come out
when the guns come out against your dignity
he pulls the trigger

He’s a cloud above your head
he’s a devil on your shoulder
he’s a tongue-tying fiend

He’s an excuse
that I make when I want fame
with my peers,
with my peers and enemies
when everything is out the window
when I let him invade my chances

But when the guns come out, when the guns come out
Up come the walls, up come the walls of defense
We’ll pull the trigger
Track Name: The Moon At Night
And so it seems the objects in the mirror
are closer than they appear
and so it seems you were always nearer
than I thought you were

Yes, from the day, the day that I first breathed
I knew what I had
not in my life would I have guessed that
I’d lose it all

You became the moon at night
obstructed by the city lights
and the saddest part of that
is that we never really said “goodbye”

You, you alarmed me again
but why, why’d I panic?
O Great God! I lose sleep over this
don’t leave me with a last goodbye

And here we go I’ve fallen like a soldier
you know it’s true
who is in charge? Who is my general?
it’s you; it always was

And the greatest part of this
is that we’ll never really say, “goodbye”
Track Name: Beth's Song
When your eyes fade with the ebbing of life
then you will see complete relief
when the sky breaks with the thunder of God
scars will be freed and illness ceased

Heaven's a beautiful place but my heart will groan
when we have to part our ways
I'm staying with you 'til the end

All that I knew was of minimal use
love knows nothing but speaks the truth
all that you are is what I love you for
I stand along in your quiet war

I sing right along with the God who sings this song
"Daughter, I love you more than you believe"

More than you can know, more than you can see
more than you believe